Join me for my first #askgeorge live webcast

Email, Tweet or leave a comment here for my first #askgeorge live webcast

Email, Tweet or leave a comment here for my first #askgeorge live webcast

This Friday I’ll be answering questions from the public in the first of my live #askgeorge sessions between 12.15-12.45pm. A journalist from The Evening Post will choose from questions submitted by the public, their readers and Twitter users to make sure we cover a good range of issues.  I’d like to encourage people to send me send me a question via twitter (@georgefergusonx) or email your questions to The Post by Thursday 5pm (re: askgeorge).  The Post interviewer will independently choose the questions prior to us going on-air and I’ll answer as many as I can during the live webcast at

I won’t know which questions will be asked to keep me on my toes!  You’ll be able to watch the recording if you miss the live webcast.

This is part of my desire to be as open and accessible as possible. In December I held my first Cabinet meeting outside City Hall at the Park in Knowle West – this was very successful and attracted a much bigger attendance from the public than usual. I’ve pledged to hold at least six Cabinet meetings a year in various locations across the city.

Earlier this month I also took part in a very lively radio phone-in on BBC Radio Bristol for over an hour. I hope to repeat this again next month. Also in early March I am planning to hold my first public question time session where members of the public will be able to raise issues with me direct. The first one will be here at City Hall, but I hope to stage follow up sessions throughout the city.

The aim of all the events is to hear direct from you – your big ideas for the city, your thoughts about how services could be improved. Together we can make a difference to this great city so do not hold back!

6 thoughts on “Join me for my first #askgeorge live webcast

  1. Thanks for this opportunity.

    I appreciate your cabinet is trying to do its best to minimise the effects of the cuts imposed by central government.

    Like many, I believe these cuts are unnecessary, ideologically-driven and deeply destructive.

    Would you consider challenging these cuts by setting a ‘needs’ budget to protect essential services? This could be done collectively with other major cities in a similar position and
    similarly opposed to the cuts.

    The UK is one of the ten richest countries in the world. How can it impose cuts on its poorest and most vulnerable people?

    Thanks, George. You are doing good!

  2. This webcast is a great idea! I have a question about the long-term ramifications of a recent council decision: when Sainsbury’s builds their store on the Memorial Ground and the EU fines the city of Bristol millions of pounds for violating air quality regulations, where will the money for the fine be found?

  3. This webcast is a great idea! I have a question about the longer-term ramifications of a recent decision by the council: when Sainsbury’s builds their store on the Memorial Ground and the EU fines the city of Bristol millions of pounds for violating air quality regulations, how will the money for the fine be found?

  4. George – When you have been so vociferous about stopping supermarkets and supporting local independent shops, why have you been silent about the massive Sainsbury’s superstore proposed on the Memorial Ground – the biggest in Bristol with 570 car park spaces? Will you be writing to Eric Pickles to call it in for a fresh and independent look at it?

    As much as I want my local football team to be successful, I want to my local shopping centre to be thriving as well.

    I enjoy watching football on a Saturday afternoon, but I also enjoy shopping at the local independent shops, cafés and bars on the Gloucester Road (just what Mary Portas is advocating). All of which are under threat by the plans for this massive Sainsbury’s superstore. All the local jobs and the variety of independent shops that make Bristol so distinctive are being put at risk. One only has to look at other High Streets up and down the country to see that once local shops are lost, they are lost forever.

    So go on support Bristol Independents and and write to Eric

  5. This is asking major cities to become politically involved with a campaign against the government. I have never voted conservative & would never consider doing so however they are the elected (coalition) government & are implementing policies to address the £120Bn/yr deficit. Nothing we say or do locally can affect this deficit, borrowing more is not an option however much we want to protect our services. The time for trying to change these policies is at the next general election, councils should concentrate on local issues & implementation within budgets & not get diverted replicating the party fights at Westminster.

  6. Thank you for your comments. We’ve been greatly encouraged by the number of people who watched our first ASK George webcast and the people who watched it on catch up. It demonstrates the public interest in staying up-to-date with the progress of the Mayor and the demand for coverage on the major issues and challenges facing Bristol. We will definitely be doing future sessions in March and will publicise them on George Ferguson’s blog. Thank you to everybody on Twitter and on this site who left a comment or suggested a question – we do read them all. Unfortunately, we can’t reply to them all, but will draw them to the attention of the independent interviewer in our next ASK George session. If you don’t already follow the blog, leave us your email address and follow George on Twitter.

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